Portugal Immigration Office Workers (Non Police) in Strike

Portugal Immigration Office

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Announced strike from Portugal Immigration office has started. It’s set to go for a period of 6 month in a rotation system, affecting golden visa applications. andits running with a 86% participation rate.

The Union of Non Police Workers from Immigration Department (SEF) announced this strike to run for 6 consecutive month at least 1 day per month in each of Portugal Immigration Offices.

This strike is intending to delay of immigration office card emissions (residence permits, work permits and golden visa residence cards).

Portugal immigration office workers are claiming to get a defined career with more benefits as they used to have in 2008  and the submit a proposal to modify the status of this immigration department as an immigration police department, getting the same benefits as police careers with early retirements and special benefits.

So far we are expecting the Ministry of Internal Affairs to find a solution for this problem resuming the golden visa applications speed delivery.

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