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A Citizenship by Investment Boom – Portugal Investor Visa

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A Citizenship by Investment Boom – Portugal Investor Visa

Citizenship by investment golden opportunity is showing itself in Portugal. Latest data shows 2017 will be a new record in real estate investment. With over 100 investor visas already approved, the majority (98) through the system of buying property getting a residence permit.

The first semester of this year will have results that will put 2017 in the top 3 results of real estate investment in Portugal. Until March, there were closed 10 deals in comercial real estate that were valued in 180 million euros, and the values of these deals can get up to 600 million euros, while in July over 57 million were invested in real estate acquisition.

The portuguese investor visa is a citizenship by investment program that has allowed since 2013 the possibility of offering over 8.434 european residence permits to the investor visa and his family. In other words extending his permit to his family.

This latest data shows once again why Portugal consists on a great opportunity to invest on a flourishing industry, with the possibility of return on investment for non european citizens who wish to become an investor visa and get a european passport through a citizenship by investment program, one of the best in europe, the portugal golden visa.

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Portuguese Golden Visa Citizenship by Investment

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